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Av Marechal Gomes da Costa, 35 1700 - 007, Lisboa - Portugal

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Estudio NVS was born in 2013 from the impulse of a group of artist friends from Argentina who set out to grow alongside one another, seeking strategies and ways to make their individual searches visible in the artistic environment of Buenos Aires. Since then, through meetings, discussions and friendly collaborations they have forged different careers. Thus, Estudio NVS is not only a gallery but more: it brings together creation, criticism, visibility, circulation and sale of artwork. During all these years this group of artists occupied many alternative and institutional spaces with the aim of advancing in a joint strategy that is strengthened in affection. But the pandemic radically changed the status quo of large institutions and fairs and, in keeping up with the new ways, Estudio NVS began to change to proper gallery, aiming to inserting itself into the national and international art market. Currently based in Lisbon, NVS is taking on the place previously saved for a small handful of powerful people but no more, betting on the vitality of the careers of these artists. Estudio NVS’ program focuses on the strength of collaboration, as it has been doing for several years to conquer new spaces, circulation and visibility of individual projects. We are convinced that collaboration is a way of militancy that allows us to open ourselves to the world and then re-center our force in our territory: Argentina and Latin America. This is how we intend to carry out not only a program of a commercial gallery but new reinventions and alliances, partnering with other disciplines and with other communities, to generate exhibitions, meetings, publications, festivals, production studios, gastronomy etc. Estudio NVS aims to be an inventive post-pandemic experiment that takes art as a core from which other forms of action will emerge.